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Technology Solutions for the Small Business on the Go

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Technology Solutions for the Small Business on the Go

If you’re operating a small business on the go, you’re guaranteed to face some issues unique to your situation. Whether it’s getting where you need to be on time, making due with limited resources or technology, or trying to get work done on the road, all entrepreneurs know the feeling of having a lot of their plate. Knowing how to manage your time is an important skill to have. You can use the following technology solutions to keep up with your business’ mobile operations without spending beyond your means.

Create a Mobile Website

Since your business is on the move, people will likely be viewing your website before they have time to get home and access a laptop or desktop. It would be wise to invest in a site that can be viewed from smartphones and tablets, as this will give your clients an opportunity to look at your services regardless of where you, or they, are. Many different managed IT services can help you get the necessary modifications and help to create a better-looking website.

Protect Your Hardware

It’s nearly impossible to do business without access to a computer or the internet these days, so it’s best to minimize your risk of finding yourself without access. Mobile hardware like laptops are essential for operating as a small business on the move, and that means you can’t afford to have your equipment broken during travel. By purchasing hard shipping cases for your and your employees’ laptops, you’ll be able to work from anywhere without concern that you’ll suddenly find yourself without your operating equipment.

Try Mobile Banking

It’s important to keep an eye on your business’ finances while on the road, so try out your bank’s mobile banking app and have all your financial information at your fingertips. Additionally, invest in a mobile credit card reader so you can have customer purchases transferred directly into your business accounts without needing to visit a bank to deposit checks or cash.

Manage via Apps

People are essentially glued to their phones these days, and with that has come a surge of new and helpful apps for small business owners. These applications have the benefit of being completely mobile and can be excellent ways to keep your business operating without printing out paper schedules that would likely be lost during travel anyway. Some of the most popular business management apps can do things like set schedules, create agendas, and send and receive invoices.

While running a small business on the move comes with a host of challenges to overcome, there are plenty of technological solutions to help you maximize your efficiency and keep your business running smoothly. Use the suggested solutions above to keep your small business operational regardless of where you are.

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