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Datrium is an easily scalable open convergence storage solution designed to work with off the shelf ssd drives and any server. Datrium’s open convergence works differently from the hyper convergence model by keeping the data storage netshelf separate from the vm’s and the I/O processing. The netshelf can integrate any standard off the shelf ssd drive, meaning you can pick the ssd’s that work best for you. The VM and I/O processing portion of Datrium’s open convergence is designed to work on any server, meaning that you don’t have to worry about buying specific servers, but it doesn’t stop there, you can also scale up in the same way, using servers that you already have on hand or building new servers that fit your needs and budget. The open convergence model also isolates the hosts to eliminate neighbor noise, reducing network traffic. The servers also remain stateless, so you can service them without putting your data at risk.


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VMware vSphere is a powerful server virtualization tool that allows you to consolidate your physical servers into virtual servers that still preform the same functions as before while reducing IT costs by reducing the number of physical servers that you need. VM’s or virtual machines are easy to restore and with the right data storage and backup solutions can be recovered or restored very quickly. Vmware supports Windows, Linux, OS X, FreeBSD, virtual routers, virtual switches and more.

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Veeam is a great back up and recovery solution that simplifies the process of on site and off site data backup and replication for VMware and Hyper-V environments. Veeam backup and replication is centered around quick recovery time objectives and currently boasts a less than 15 minute RTO for all applications and data. Veeam backup and replication provides not only total VM recovery but also more granular recovery options, down to individual files and application item recovery. Veeam also supports WAN acceleration which can greatly increase the speed of offsite backups.


Exagrid is designed to make the deduplication and backup process faster and easily scaleable. Exagrid stores data directly to disk in a landing zone where the data is deduplicated in parallel without affecting backup performance. Exagrid retains the most recent updates in an undeduplicated meaning that the re-hydration or undeduplication process is skipped for the most recent backups making for faster restores and instant VM recovery’s. Exagrid scales by adding full server appliances to the grid, which adds each appliances resources to the grid, meaning that the backup window stays at a fixed rate, instead of growing with each new storage shelf. The grid system scales out with each new appliance and doesn’t require expensive forklift upgrades like inline data deduplication models.


So what is Davve? In short, a data center in a box.


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All of the aforementioned systems presetup and ready to go.

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