Equipment Purchasing

Offload your no longer needed IT hardware.

Replacing a few things in the data center? Or everything? Looking for a place to get rid of the hardware short of tossing it on the curb? We pay for the hardware that you don’t want or don’t need any longer.



Shipping nightmares no more.

If you list your items on an auction or another type of sellers site that means your most likely going to have to package all of the equipment and ship it out, which means that you may have to relist things or even deal with returns or items that were damaged in transit. We save the hassle of packing and it’s associated problems, we will pick up the hardware on location.






Extract the value from your old equipment.

We will deal with any person or company that wants to make the most of the value in their no longer needed IT equipment, from the small backroom closet to a full blown data center. We specialize in Equalogic and Compellent storage applications but that doesn’t mean that we won’t be interested in anything else.





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