Cloud Connect for Veeam

Veeam Cloud Connect

Cloud Connect for Veeam – Free Trial

Backup offsite with confidence
Get your VMs off site up to 50x faster

Veeam Cloud Connect makes it easy for Veeam customers to extend their backup infrastructure to the cloud. When you are running Veeam Availability Suite v8 in your local private on-premises cloud you can now select Net V Pro as a target for your offsite backups.

Simple Backup

We’ve made Cloud Connect for Veeam as simple as possible. You only pay a low fee for storage, nothing else. Monthly Pay as you Go pricing, No Contract.

Free Data Transfer

Veeam Cloud Connect provider and you will not incur any data transfer charges from us. Backup and restore as much as you like.

Setup in Minutes

Within minutes of signing up with Net V Pro you will be able to use your service. Tailor how much storage you want then start backing-up.


What is a WAN accelerator?

A WAN accelerator reduces the amount of data that needs to flow back and forth across the WAN by using caching and data compression techniques. Basically, a WAN accelerator works by caching duplicate files (or parts of files) so they can be referenced in global cache instead of having to be sent across the WAN again. WAN accelerators effectively trade off network I/O for disk I/O, thus significantly improving the performance of data transfers over the network in situations when bandwidth is the primary bottleneck.

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