Humberto’s Stellar Performance II

Microsoft 2007 was the 12th version of Microsoft office created, released for consumer use on January 30th, 2007. During the time this software was great for sharing information between programs, security, reducing document size, and recovery situations. Sixteen years later this software is something to look back on as a building block and having it today could cause some technical difficulties! This is something one of our clients was facing, and luckily our team member Humberto was on the case.  

The Ticket we received was for printing issues, a bit different than the story we’ve been telling thus far. When Humberto got the call, he remotely accessed our client’s computer. When he hopped on the screen, he found Microsoft 2007 in action. This software is now unsupported by Microsoft entirely. In addition, there was also outlook 2007.  

After searching the web for solutions, Humberto found that every Microsoft 2007 webpage turned up empty due to the software being out of support and decided it was time for another solution. Forums suggested that 2007 applications are linked to many compatibility issues with current printer drivers because of the lack of updates.  

Altogether this ticket took two hours. From the confusion of the link between the 2007 application and the printer issues to research, to Humberto getting his virtual hands dirty to fix the problem. Overall, our client has reported he, “Fixed all my problems and was very patient”. Just another day at the NetVPro office.  

Help people. Solve problems. Add value. 

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