Humberto’s Stellar Performance

Continuing to update our devices and hardware is an important part of IT. Getting the most out of what is available to us is essential in keeping our businesses running and growing to the best of its ability. This is a situation one of our clients faced when one of our team members, Humberto Perez, came in for an onsite visit to fix their monitors. Instead of this company thinking they would be fine with the decreased ability of their laptops, they spoke up and asked for help. 

When Humberto got to the site he got to work on the monitors as one of the three wasn’t working, an easy fix. Then, one of the team members of this client let him know some of their laptops weren’t performing as well as they wanted them to and they needed something faster. Humberto offered to take the laptops with him and return them later all patched up, which was very convenient for the client.  

The laptops needed a little bit of refurbishing. Humberto replaced the hardware with RAM memory. This form of hardware is a temporary storage component for the computer’s short-term memory, helping with data currently being used all the way to the movement of your mouse across the screen. Then he added a new hard drive, an SSD, which is a data storage option that is able to read and write data faster than your typical hard drive. All these components made the computers work much faster and made them up to speed for the client.  

Upon return, the laptops were also uploaded with all the software they needed, except for one that Humberto worked with the team to install due to needing instructions from them on a system they use. Altogether we at NetVPro are very glad this client spoke up when they did. Nobody should have to endure little inconveniences because the device “still works”.  

Our team member was praised by the client whose quote said, “As always, Humberto is pleasant to work with and leaves us very satisfied with the job. He always informs you of the next step if it is needed”. Due to this change with just three laptops, this client was able to triple their savings, and that is just another day at NetVPro.  

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