Password Security and Dan

Password security is another big talking point when we talk to our prospects and even our customers. Statistics say 61% of security breaches are from compromised credentials such as passwords. Changing your passwords every three months can be instrumental in saving private data in your company. 

Passwords protect from data breaches which is imperative for your company’s sensitive information to stay away from unauthorized eyes, which also makes them cost-effective to avoid breaches from threat actors. They are useful compliance tools for those in your company who are authorized to see vital information, helping regulate them with cyber protection. Passwords can also assist in preventing cyber-attacks. These attacks, such as brute force attacks, phishing, and social engineering, can be deterred by simply changing the password.  

73% of respondents in a poll have admitted a big frustration with account security is forgetting passwords. This is an issue one of our clients was facing.  

The client let us know the password for their server had expired and one of their team members didn’t know how to reset their access.  Our team had remote access to these clients’ servers which control their user accounts, so Dan logged in and fixed the password problem. If you don’t know how to do these smaller tasks, it’s important to contact your IT company. Being logged out of your accounts can lead to unscheduled downtime and leaves you questioning if anything has happened in your absence. This client quoted their work with our team member, Dan Garvey, “Quick and easy.” So, even quick and simple is just another day at the NetVPro office.  

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