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end of life information?

EOL, or “End of Life,” means that EMC will no longer be selling the storage array and will recommend a new system upgrade.

EOSL, or “End of Service Life,” means that all support, including both primary and extended support options, have ended. It may still be possible to get support from EMC after equipment has gone EOSL, but this will be at a cost. 

EOA, or “End of Availability,” means that we will no longer be selling that product. If it is covered under our support agreement, you may still be able to get upgrades for a filer after it is EOA. 

EOS, or “End of Support,” is the date after which we will no longer support the hardware or software for a product that has been discounted in an EOA notice.

why end of life support and services ?

Managment Interface

Dell Compellent Storage Center has a GUI designed to be accessible allegedly ease of use, providing allocation, configuration, and administration functions.

Storage Profile

Storage profile in lay man’s terms is segregating expensive and cheap disk and profiling them in tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3.

Compellent Multipathing

Compellents, MPIO solution will eliminate any single point of failure in any physical path (s) and logical path(s).

Compellent Replay

Dell's Compellent Data Instant Replay software creates point-in-time copies called Replays with minimal storage capacity.

Data Progression

An automated tiering technology that optimises the location of data, both on a schedule and on demand basis.

Cost Comparision

Enterprise storage today costs what desktop storage did less than a decade ago.


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