The Great Jon Anderson

Something we at NetVPro like to remind people of is that we are entering an era of “the new workspace”. A lot of companies are hybrid, meaning some people are at home while others are in the office. Other companies have altogether gone completely remote. This is the reality for a client of ours who had trouble this past week.  

As everyone is away from the site, NetVPro becomes the hands-on solution. When this client needs help, they have already completed all the remote troubleshooting and really need a fix for a more complex problem. One of our Team members, Jon Anderson, went out onsite to address this client’s touchscreen device that wasn’t working. 

This particular touchscreen device has a speaker, camera, and an HDMI hookup to a Teams meeting in a conference room so everybody in the room can interact. In terms of a conference, this tool should allow the attendees to interact within the meeting through touch. For example, a member of the meeting could enable a whiteboard session. The camera part of this device can also auto-frame a 120-degree field of view to include everyone in the room. The problem today was that the teams bar wasn’t communicating with the iPad-like device. 

The Teams bar was looking to need a firmware upgrade and had a bad port stopping connection to the touchscreen device. Our solution was to connect the touchscreen through the company network instead of directly to the teams bar, bypassing the problem. This solution took more troubleshooting skills onsite, as well as a remote collaboration with the client to figure out how the system was wired and what wasn’t working.  

All and all the system is back up and running, leaving another positive review to our tech. “As always, Jon is a pleasure to work with. Very knowledgeable and very accommodating. I would highly recommend his services and expertise”. And that is just another day at the NetVPro office. 

Help People. Solve Problems. Add Value. 

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