Managed Services

Technology can be the competitive advantage your business needs to reach its full potential. By getting the most out of your productivity tools, applications, and network you can optimize employee performance and keep customers happy coming back over and over. However, enabling your technology investments can be nearly impossible without the right partner at your side. At NetVPro, our focus is on maximizing great business outcomes using technology. From optimizing internal workflows to simply keeping your business operations humming along safely and securely, the NetVPro team stands at the ready to partner in your success

Help Desk

Our Help Desk is available to solve pesky IT problems that slow down a great workday. From hardware issues to applications not operating correctly, our team of expert support technicians is eager to lend a hand so you can get back to running your business and doing what you do best.

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Network Security

From wireless networks to remote work environments, the NetVPro team understands there is no room for error when it comes to protecting your business and your customers. From security audits and penetration testing to a full-service Security Operations Center (SOC), your security, and the peace of mind that comes with it, are of paramount importance to us.

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Maintenance and Updates

Hardware and software alike need regular care. From software patching to complete infrastructure refreshes, your IT investments can only work for you when properly cared for. We are passionate about keeping systems operating, not just at their best, but in ways which drive the outcomes your business requires.

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Support and Service

At NetVPro we recognize clear communication is the cornerstone of any great partnership. Our team is eager to speak with you, understand how we can be of service, and then jump in to keep you on track. Having an IT challenge? No problem, we have the experience and expertise to help with that as well.

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Future Planning and Design

Not sure exactly how to turn technology into a business strength? We are happy to help guide you. We’ve designed and implemented technical solutions for business challenges for years, helping match responsible spending to awesome results. Regardless of your ambitions, NetVPro will design the right technology solution to help you reach your business goals.

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Technology should be a force-multiplier for your team, not a hinderance in your progress. It would be our pleasure to show you what makes NetVPro the choice of many small and medium sized businesses when it comes to managed services and IT partnership.

Business Continuity

An interruption can wreak havoc on your business. From a network outage to a data breach, the cost of downtime or data loss can take years to recover from…if you are able to recover at all.  With most small and medium sized businesses rolling the dice that external hackers and internal accidents will not happen to them, shouldn’t your business take a different path? Shouldn’t you be planning for a rainy day so even the most severe issue results in just a bad day instead of a business extinction event?

NetVPro Business Continuity Solutions are designed with your business and your customers in mind.  It starts with regular data backups and continues to a restoration plan which minimizes interruption. In the event of network interruption, it is not enough to have a plan, you also need a partner who keeps you abreast of what is happening and – most importantly – when it will be fixed. Our team works with a clear plan and regular communication.

Data backups – NetVPro performs regular data backups as part of our Business Continuity Solutions.  Backups are kept offsite away from your primary network, so they are unaffected by service interruption. Depending on your needs, these backups can happen often, so no files or digital property ever go missing or are actually lost. In the event of data breach or accidental deletion, you can rest assured nothing is lost with NetVPro Business Continuity Solutions.

Restoration Planning – A data backup means little without an actual recovery plan to get your business back on track. Considering that a network outage or data breach is a high-stress event, it makes little sense to partner with an IT provider who doesn’t develop a business restoration plan.  From a Restoration Time Objective (RTO) to a Restoration Point Objective (RPO), NetVPro details how to get your business operational as well as how long it will take. Our expert team of engineers and technicians then work to execute on that plan, giving you confidence everything necessary is being done correctly and with an appropriate level of urgency.

A business interruption is never ideal. With NetVPro by your side, something potentially devastating can be a mere aggravation on your way to bigger and better things. Data backups and restoration planning combined with proactive communication and an understanding of the impact on your business make NetVPro Business Continuity Solutions the right choice for the peace of mind you deserve.

3rd Party Support

When an issue happens, you don’t need more questions: you need answers. From an application not working correctly to a file you can’t locate, from a printer malfunction to an attempted intrusion, shouldn’t your business have a trusted IT partner to jump in and provide answers not more questions?

Our team at NetVPro has earned a reputation for being exactly that type of partner with small and medium businesses. Our experienced engineers and technicians possess a wealth of experience with small and medium business technology environments. That experience and expertise is at the heart of how we support customers and clients.

Our Support Desk is available to help with the following:

  • Hardware issues
  • Software issues
  • Software updates
  • Software installation
  • Network setup
  • Network issues
  • Security concerns
  • Application integrations and workflows
  • Backup creation and restoration
  • Data archiving and restoration
  • New machine setup
  • Connectivity issues
  • Device auditing and wiping
  • Data migration and transfer
  • System diagnostics and optimization

As unique as your business is, whatever challenge you face is something our team has seen before.  We work quickly and without ever cutting corners to provide the assistance you or your team need.

With NetVPro at your side, help is literally just a phone call away.

Data Migration

Safely migrating data between systems and network devices can be a challenge for small and medium businesses. Whether you need to image a new laptop or need to move applications out of an on-prem server and into the cloud, NetVPro has you covered. Our data migration services leave nothing to chance as your most precious digital resources move from one place to the next.

First, we focus on creating a migration plan which includes testing, tracking the migration by milestone, and complete QA and QC upon completion.  Next, we execute on that plan in a structured and organized way, ensuring the overall success of the migration. Finally, we test against business outcomes to ensure your entire team is comfortable with the transition and nothing technical has been left to chance. We provide the most advanced and complete migration process possible.

From individual files to terabytes of proprietary data, you can rest assured our team recognizes the importance of every bit and byte in our care. NetVPro cares for each file, application, and digital asset like it is the core of your business…because it is.

We Recycle

Small and medium sized businesses often find themselves with an unavoidable problem: possession of hardware which no longer has function or purpose for the business. All too often we see storage rooms and warehouses stacked with printers, monitors and desktop machines gathering dust with no real future.

On the one hand, throwing these items into the landfill is bad for the environment. But on the other hand, filling up a stockroom with years-old hardware not only takes up space but can expose the business to a security breach if company information is still stored on the machines.

What is a business to do?

What if you could turn that unneeded material into a source of revenue, a tax deduction, or a donation to the community?

NetVPro offers recycling solutions which can monetize or dispose of unneeded electronic material. From printers and desktops to laptops and old servers, our team has options for responsibly recycling your unneeded hardware.

E-waste is a global concern, and our team is in an excellent position to do our part. Our commitment to sustainable solutions starts with our commitment to recycling. From helping old hardware find new life to responsibly recycling components which can no longer be used, we take seriously our obligation to help the communities in which we work and the environment in which we all reside. This is everyone’s planet to share, and we believe everyone can make a difference.