How We Have Helped Our Customers

Engel Metallurgical

In today’s society, being technologically behind can bring down great businesses. One of the ones potentially falling behind was Engel Metallurgical, a company in Sauk Rapids, MN which works in product failure analysis and material engineering consultation among other things. This company was determined to not be left behind with technological difficulties! They reached out to our team at NetVPro and let them re-energize their infrastructure into the 21st century. NetVPro, a St. Cloud, MN company working in security, backup, and disaster recovery took the Engel team and beefed them up! Antiquated technologies were moved to a new, custom ERP system specific to them, emails were shifted from third-party and transitioned to Office 365 and all of its perks, as well as training and resources were provided for employees and team members. After the two companies worked together, Engel was moved out of the dark ages, and the new applications helped them stay efficient during the COVID-19 pandemic. Said (Les Engel), “We should have done this years ago. The team at NetVPro made a real, meaningful transformation happen and our business is so much stronger for it.”

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Venture X

While some businesses are technologically behind, some can be keeping up with the times but wearing their employees thin! This was the case with the Naples, Florida location of VentureX. Their operations manager, Jourdan, was getting stretched between doing the IT work and completing her obligated tasks. This company works in renting out office spaces for businesses and individuals of all kinds, making WiFi and security top priority. VentureX had a previous IT partner which was overseas, leaving Jourdan to fix all IT related problems herself while they were on the phone. This lead VentureX to call NetVPro, an IT company from St.Cloud, MN, working in security, backup, disaster recovery, and with reaches in Florida. By having hands on people who respond to every call, VentureX was able to let Jourdan get back to her real job! Paul Berndt, the owner of NetVPro, went in and gave the company the run down on what was run down. After this single walk through, NetVPro got to work and got VentureX running smoothly in a single weekend. The new WiFi setup allowed for unique WiFi credentials and gave companies their own vlan, as well as applying unify systems which offers many things including a built-in security gateway. Jourdan is now set free of unnecessary IT issues and leaves it all to NetVPro. “I see this leading to a long term partnership. I hope to not need to call for IT help, but when I do NetVPro is there!”

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Leighton Broadcasting

Leighton Broadcasting is a collection of 40 radio stations, and so much more. In addition to radio stations, Leighton Broadcasting owns a number of sister companies which allow them to provide full-service marketing, promotions, and interactive designs to companies throughout their coverage areas. Aging equipment saddled Leighton Broadcasting with no redundancy, no expandability, and a high operating cost. Leighton wanted to virtualize their radio automation software systems, which the broadcast software vendor said could not be done. Using the right technology and internal skillsets NetVPro, a St. Cloud, MN based company working in security, backup, and disaster recovery, and Leighton Broadcasting proved the experts wrong by implementing the first radio automation system project. By reducing the number of servers needed to operate their radio automation software, they were able to integrate 2 physical cards into one server. Because it is now in a virtualized environment, if a physical server fails, the virtual server(s) are instantly moved to another set of resources, reducing down time from the previous 8-20 hours to mere seconds. Further benefits include reduced operating costs, reduced power consumption, lower cooling costs, less annual hardware maintenance, a smaller footprint in their server room and lowered dependency on technical resources.
“Over the years, NetVPro has become our IT solutions provider for everything within Leighton Broadcasting”, says Tony Abfalter Director of Engineering/ IT.

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