Our Process


Virtualization uses abstraction to make software look and behave like hardware, with corresponding benefits in flexibility, cost, scalability, reliability, and often overall capability and performance, and in a broad range of applications.

Remote Services

NetVPro remote service provides state-of-the-art remote diagnostic services, maintenance reports, online monitoring, and 24/7 x 365 access to the products and maintenance experts; online or even in a physical location for support.

Managed IT Solutions

We deliver proactive maintenance services through our flat-rate IT Support Service. We partner with you as your Virtual CIO and IT Department, allowing you to focus on running your business, not your technology.

Technology Roadmap

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software CRM helps streamline your organization-wide sales, marketing, customer support, and inventory management functions in a single system.

Backups (Veeam)

Veeam Cloud Connect provides a fully integrated, fast and secure way to backup and replicate to a service provider’s cloud repository. Veeam: Simply select one of our data center locations and your backup and replication jobs are on their way to the cloud.

Business IT Solutions

We work with you to identify your critical business processes, pain points and vulnerabilities, and perform a threat analysis to determine your business risks and design an overall technology plan with the right Business IT Solutions.