The Intersection of Technology and Strategy

Technology is a great way to advance your business, but did you know having the right technology can take you even further? There is a critical meeting point between technology and strategy which can be met by a Fractional CIO, a CIO with a proficiency in technology.  

A lot of organizations don’t have anyone to help them with their technology strategy. There are two sides to this coin: tactical technology and strategy. Tactical technology is having computers over desktops, knowing if you have a network, and knowing how technology is deployed. The strategy part is developing a technology roadmap which is the understanding of needing tech and questioning what we need to put in place to take us to where we want to be tomorrow. 

The person who can marry tactical technology and strategy is a FCIO. This person works with the C suite to understand the company’s vision and then applies and integrates the right technology to accomplish those objectives. This means putting in the right tech and hardware, software, networks, and all the things that come together in a technology ecosystem in alignment with the company’s objectives. 

A FCIO is a great option for a small to mid-sized company. Outsourcing this kind of person can save money so you don’t have to have a full time CIO in addition to assisting in the binding of virtualization to company desires. On top of cost saving, this kind of technological business strategy can lead to risk mitigation; having a strategy to technology can put up a safeguard for data. In addition, there is an opportunity for growth as technology can build with your goals. Having a FCIO to speak on both the technological side and the business side can also be a great resource for business communication.  

At NetVPro, a FCIO’s process starts like many of our other processes. First, we do a technology assessment to get a baseline of where the business is at. After discussing the assessment, there’s a meeting with business leaders to understand the business vision. The last step is to create a recipe of technology to get the business from point A to point B.  

With technology there is more than one right answer to the question. 1’s and 0’s can be put together in countless ways, but when technology aligns with a business it works as a force multiplier. Having a FCIO to mitigate that process can allow your business to achieve more with less by finding that intersection of technology and strategy. 

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