VentureX White Papers

VentureX is a global franchise which specializes in the ongoing trend of coworking space.
Individuals, big, and small businesses alike go to one of up to 55 locations to rent out office spaces on a
month-to-month basis. Along with the office spaces, there are community events, conference rooms,
and common areas with cafes. One of these businesses, founded in 2012 by Dale Hendrick, is located in
West Palm Beach, Florida. This recently updated location already has every room completely booked
out. With all these companies and individuals in their building, VentureX had high expectations for the
performance of their technology, especially internet and WiFi. Sadly, until they met NetVPro, things
were falling short.
Their previous IT provider was located primarily overseas, with only a US presence in New
York. Jourdan, VentureX’s operation manager, needed IT support and was frequently left scratching her
head as she was asked to do the hands-on work with the tech over the phone. “It consumed my day and
left me no time for my real job.” This is when NetVPro got the call.
NetVPro is a St.Cloud, Minnesota based technology company founded by Paul Berndt in 2010.
Specializing in the system virtualization arena, large storage systems, disaster recovery, and with a
presence in Florida, this company was a perfect solution for VentureX. Before the ink was dry on the
support agreements, Paul went hands on and boots on the ground, rolling up his sleeves and living up to
the company motto of ‘Help People’. With this technical Juggernaught at the helm, Venture X was
provided with a comprehensive assessment of the technology challenges they faced, something lacking
from previous technology partners. After the initial assessment and being officially signed on, NetVPro
got right to work. Because of the importance of WiFi and security in the building, the team worked late
into the night and got everything transitioned to a new architecture, and fully functional in one
While changes were numerous, one of the most impactful was moving the company away from
its previous legacy WiFi technology to a service called free radius. This forward-looking move allowed all
the various diverse users to have their own unique WiFi credentials and gave each tenant in an office
space a company specific vlan, which allowed each company to have their own virtual network. NetVPro
is laser focused on providing the most bang for technology buck, so with that in mind there was also an
installation of unifi access points driven by a unify dream machine pro. This tech allows for a built-in
security gateway, puts all network appliances into one, and is easily deployed and managed.
NetVPro is committed to customer success. After the initial job was completed, NetVPro
allocated a team member specifically charged with making sure the new technology and network
connectivity was working as expected without interruption. After suffering the slings and arrows of
having to call and have the problem described via phone only, Jourdan may now call a real human who
will have someone local and knowledgeable come and fix the problem. The benefit of readily available
support, for highly competitively priced white-glove service ensures VentureX can now run seamlessly
with confidence, building a long-term partnership with potential for NetVPro to move forward with
other locations.

Help People. Solve Problems. Add Value.