Setting up emails with Lacy

Adding a new employee to your team or welcoming back someone who is a great asset can boost morale in any business. What takes the fun out of it is all the extra steps. This is something one of our clients faced. The extra step of setting up a new email for a rehire.  

One of our technicians Lacy Gonzales was quick to jump on the case. This company uses Microsoft 365, which is a great choice for a collaborative and cloud-based company. The process of adding this new email is a little bit different than setting up a normal email if it is in a company setting.  

Lacy went into the admin center, added a new user, and set up credentials to get into the email. These steps send back to us the employee’s name and added them as an active user, giving the email a license. After this is all done, we give the user a temporary password to login with, which they change upon sign-in and should continue to change every three months for safety purposes.  

Because our technician was quick on the case, our client reported back to say she did an awesome job and that the new email setup was quote, “quick and easy”. We value this customer and appreciate the feedback they gave to one of our newer employees to show how valuable she is to us. Even though it was a quick and easy task, it’s just another step towards great training for our newer employees, making that just another day at the NetVPro office. 

Help People. Solve Problems. Add Value.  

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